Do You Need To Get More Visitors On Your Website?
How Would You Like To Sell More Products And Services?

If you have been trying to learn Social Media and Content Marketing, you have probably spent hours searching Google and YouTube for articles and videos. Often, that training is obsolete almost as fast as it's posted.

What if you could easily grasp the concepts of creating quality content? How would it affect your business if you learned the insider secrets that really matter about social media?

The Bacon System is a book written about systematizing your marketing communications. What this website and training modules are about is filling in the gaps with the most up-to-date and relevant training modules on Productivity Tools and Social Media Tips & Techniques covering the top six platforms.

What is an hour of your time worth? $50? $100? More?

For the price of 5 cups of coffee, you can learn what techniques are working today. All of this is presented in an easy to understand way, with actionable tips you could put in place today! Each session is guaranteed to give you at least one $100 idea that you can repeat over and over to increase your business fast!

The Productivity Track

  • Setting Up A Social Media Strategy

  • Time Management – Calendars

  • Using Evernote

  • Writing Content Quickly – Tools

  • Graphics Tools – Canva & WordSwag

  • Email Marketing – AWeber

  • Client Scheduling – Acuity

  • Video Tools – Screenflow & Vimeo

Social Media Secrets Track

  • Facebook Business Pages

  • LinkedIn Profiles

  • Twitter Tips & Tricks

  • Brand Building With Instagram

  • Pinterest For Business

  • Google+ For Business

  • Facebook Groups For Business

  • LinkedIn Posts That Sell